2018 Convention Wrap-up


First of all, welcome to the improved Province 5 website! We have moved platforms in order to be more budget conscious but also to allow for easier access to information and to resources for the whole audience. Going forward, we will be incorporating more links and files, as well as more writing from not only me, but other members of the province as well.

July 18-22, 2018 were very important dates for our Fraternity’s history. Not only do they mark the transition into a new triennium, but they also served as a chance for Brothers from across the country and generations to come together to meet, laugh, sing, learn, grow and explore the wonderful city of New Orleans.

Before we get to the business elements, I want to take a moment and acknowledge the incredible music that we were privy to at this Convention. From our Godfather, Brian Stratton, leading the assembled in song after song (and in a second line parade around the ballroom) despite doctor’s orders, to the welcoming of three new honorary brothers in a ceremony that resonated every sense, to a big band concert that lit the city ablaze, to the mastery of the Sinfonian Winds, every nook and cranny of this assembly was packed with music of the highest type. Any brother who was there will be able to share their experience with you, and the best way to understand what Convention is all about (apart from going) is to sit with someone and ask.

Now, the business.

Legislative Changes

The National Assembly met starting on July 17 and conducted business through July 20 that included legislative proposals, resolutions and the election of officers for the 2018-2021 triennium.

Rather than break down every little thing that happened, here are the things you need to know:

Legislative Changes

  • If a man has ever been expelled by Phi Mu Alpha and not reinstated by the NEC, he can not be initiated into any class of membership (change to Bylaws Title I, Article I, Section 2).
  • Only collegiate brothers in good standing are allowed to vote during chapter meetings (change to Bylaws Title III, Article V, Section 3).
  • If you are initiated, you maintain your membership for life, but a probationary member who drops out or is not brought through loses all ties to the organization (clarifying change to Title I, Article I, Section 7).
  • The position of Faculty Advisor can be held by any Sinfonian in good standing who is a faculty or staff member at the sheltering institution of a chapter. If no such brother exists, the PG may designate an alternate (Bylaws, III, V, 2)
  • All decisions as it relates to attendance policies have been deferred to the individual chapter. (Bylaws, I, I, 5).
  • Regular reports of each NEC meeting will be made available in a timely manner following the meeting’s conclusion (Bylaws I, IV, 2).
  • CPRs and ACPRs are now required to be both collegiate members in good standing and full-time students at their respective sheltering institution at the time of their election (Bylaws II, I, 1).
  • A whole bunch of little stuff that serves to clarify existing practices and language.


It is the will of the National Assembly that…

  • …the NEC will disclose Risk Management information to all chapters, including the following: the total number of investigations, total staff and volunteer hours during the investigations, total costs associated with risk management investigations.
  • …the NEC will publish at least one issue of THE SINFONIAN during this triennium.
  • …the NEC will inform membership about staff changes in a timely manner.

National Executive Committee 2018-2021

  • President: Mark Lichtenberg
  • Vice-President: Dr. John Israel
  • Committeeman-at-Large, 2015-2021: Matt Koperniak
  • Committeeman-at-Large, 2018-2024: Dr. Karl Paulnack
  • National Collegiate Representative: Jyron Joseph
  • Chair, Province Governor’s Council: David Fidler II
  • Chair, Collegiate Province Representative’s Council: Jule Streety

If you have any questions about what did and didn’t happen during the National Assembly, please feel free to ask either myself or Brenden Tisler, who did an outstanding job representating the Province as CPR-delegate for 5.

Thank you, brothers, and we hope to see you at SIUE for Workshop on September 1!

In Phi, Mu, and Alpha,

Ben Luttrull

Governor, Province 5

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