I Am Sinfonia

 Photo by Brandon M. Smith
Photo by Brandon M. Smith


Welcome to the start of another school year!

Despite the heat and rain, the academic year is a sign that the Fall season is here. Students at chapters across the country and in Province 5 are grinding through band camps, or finishing up their move in and getting their textbooks finalized. Across the midwest, alumni brothers who now teach at the elementary, high school or collegiate levels are also beginning a new year with new students and colleagues, and fathers are sending their children off to an education.

Through all of it, the things that we have in common as brothers of Phi Mu Alpha are stronger than ever, and music and fraternity are as strong in us as they have ever been. The fraternity is truly experiencing a national renaissance in size and in scope. This year marks another chance for Sinfonians of all ages and experiences to come together to make Illinois, Indiana and Missouri better places through the power of music. 

Collegiate brothers – as you move in and get re-acclimated to residence hall and college house life, and as you arrange lessons and classes and textbooks, please take some time to think about your goals for this semester for yourself as a brother and your chapter. The first meeting is going to be a great reunion, but it is also the opportunity to set the tone for the entire year. 

Alumni brothers – as the academic year starts up, this is a great time to reflect on how Sinfonia has helped you become the man you are now, and the role your Alma Mater played in shaping you. A new generation of brothers is rising up, and your inspiration and support will only help them grow stronger and better. 

All of us are brothers in Phi Mu Alpha, and all of us are Sinfonia. Our fraternity is each and every one of us, both together and as individuals, and we rely on each other to live up to our Object and live by our values and ideals. 

Welcome back and here’s to a phenomenal year, brothers. So let it be for Sinfonia!

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