Fireside Midwest

Brothers –

Every three years, the Midwest region hosts a Fireside Conference to bring Sinfonians from across the region together for fraternal education, the betterment of our Brotherhood and to meet and hear with our National Leadership. This triennium, I am thrilled to announce Beta Theta has been offered the privilege to host the proceedings on April 29-31 at Millikin University.

National President Mark Lichtenberg, National Past-President John Mongiovi and Executive Director Ed Klint will all be present to present on the Fraternity’s history and ritual, as well as lead the attendees in discussions on topics of depth to broaden our horizons and expand Sinfonia. The weekend will include a Ritual and a banquet.

Early registration is open through April 15, and the cost is $32 ($22 if you wish to not eat at the banquet). Fees increase by $10 after April 15. All brothers in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please note that registration does not cover housing, and each brother is to arrange his own housing for the weekend.

I sincerely encourage all of you to consider attending Fireside Midwest – it is a rare opportunity to network and learn from some of our wisest and most experienced brothers, and a true honor for both the men of Beta Theta and the brothers of Province 5!

I assure you that we men, all of us, need, more perhaps than we think, to withdraw from the active, noisy, materialistic rush of the world, not to mention the sensuous, intoxicating, social pleasures of life that minister only to the flesh, and in peaceful quiet meditate upon and consider together some of the deep things of life, listen to the voice of the Eternal and be taught by the infinite spirit of truth.

— Ossian Everett Mills

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